Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decorating Idea - November 2011 Customer Gifts

Use this month's incentives to theme and pull together an entire holiday gathering!

"Let's Chill" pitcher

Beverage pitcher

Cut around the "Let's Chill" design and remove the outer brackets.
Apply to the center of a decorative beverage pitcher.

Color used:
Soft Silver

"Merry Christmas" drink jar

Mason jar with lid
Straw (striped straws can be purchased on Etsy)

Remove the lid to the mason jar and place on a cutting mat or crafting surface.
Position the screw driver in the center of the lid and use the hammer to punch a hole in the lid.
The hole can be used to slip the straw through.
Apply the Merry Christmas vinyl tag to the front surface of the jar.

Color used:
Soft Gold
"Merry Christmas" favor jar

Small mason jar with lid
Tinsel, garland, or pom-pom embellishment
White cardstock
Favors (I used winter mints)

Apply the Merry Christmas vinyl tag to the cardstock paper and cut around the tag leaving a narrow edge.
Fill the jar with treats or other favors and secure the lid.
Tie the finished tag onto the jar with the twine and finish off with a festive embellishment.

Color used:
Soft Gold