Monday, March 28, 2011

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—April

Spring is a time of new growth, a time when color returns to the great outdoors. It’s also a great time to bring some color indoors. 

For a truly unique display, construct a rosette out of paper and apply the expression onto a foam core base.  Reminiscent of State Fair ribbons, this project is fun and fashionable.        
·          “You are my inspiration” two-part expression (18727): part 1, Sugar Plum,(9008); part 2, Stone Cottage (9067)
·         White foam core
·         Pink chalk
·         Dusty pink cardstock
·         White cardstock
·         White ribbon
·         Hot glue
Easter is full of color and so is this project. To achieve this look, paint your MDF board white, and then paint stripes across the board. Once it is dry, sand the board smooth and finish with a white-wash (1-part paint; 2-parts water) coating.    
·          “Happy Easter” expression (18728): Electric Lime (9063)
·         MDF Board – Rectangle (300107)
·         Paint, white, green, yellow, orange, teal