Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Holidays Expression Ideas

 I can’t think of a cuter way to decorate this holiday season than with the latest Customer Celebration Expression
Our MDF Pre-Drilled Board (#300132) with a set of four Bulldog Clips (#300134) is perfect for hanging stockings, Christmas cards, or even your kids’ lists for Santa. Just paint it with our Whipped Crème Toolbox  Paint (#300144) and tie coordinating ribbon through the top of each clip.

Add a little extra “bling” to the ornaments in the expression in both of these projects to give them a little extra sparkle. On the Crème Vintage Embossed board (#300155) simply add our Dress-Up Gems (#300104) to each of the ornaments and on the MDF Rectangle board (which is painted with our Whipped Crème Toolbox Paint [#30014]), just apply Clear Vinyl Effects (#300155) and then sprinkled gold glitter on top.  When placed on our Simple Easel (#300201), both of these projects make a terrific centerpiece in your entryway or on your dining room table. You can also hang either of them in any room in your home to add to the festive spirit of the season. 
Wish your friends, family and neighbors a very charming Happy Holiday season by placing the expression on your front door.  Just an extra little tip: to  easily remove the vinyl after the holiday season, use a blow dryer to warm the vinyl and the adhesive before peeling it off the surface.
This fun seasonal expression is available exclusively in Shimmer Cranberry for one day only and is perfect for enhancing any holiday décor. You can apply it in an entryway, to a front door, or to any of our 22" x 4" accessories as shown above to create a festive display.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—November

The holiday season is a time to sparkle and shine.  Add bling”! UL’s Dress-Up Gems and Shimmer Vinyl Effects paired with soft silver and etched glass is the perfect recipe for a holiday project.    

•     “Home for the holidays” Two-Part Expression (17852): part 1, Etched Glass (7010); part 2, Soft Silver (9090)
•    Glass Charger with Easel (300159)
•    Vinyl Effects—shimmer (300226)
•    Gems (300104)
A paper nest adds dimension and a bit of playfulness to this cozy expression. Use crinkled paper to create the nest. Paint it using the Toolbox paints and glue it on using a bit of hot glue.

•     “Home” expression (17853): Green Tea (9062)
•    Frameworks Frame—Rectangle Chocolate (300222)
•    Crinkled paper (200459)
•    Toolbox Paint—Lemon Chiffon and Hot Cocoa (300153, 300147)

Shimmer Vinyl Effects isn’t just for vinyl. For this sparkling holiday project, mix it into the sage brush paint for the second coat. The results? An overall glittery look. •     “Happy holidays” expression (17851): Vintage Bordeaux (9002) •    MDF Board—Rectangle (300107) •    Toolbox Paint—Sage Brush (300146) •    Vinyl Effects—Shimmer (300226)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Customer Celebration Day #3

Fall—the color, the smells, the activities! Are you looking for beautiful and stylish ways to decorate your home for this “post Halloween, before Christmas” time of year? Here are several elegant and creative ways for you to use our latest free “Customer Celebration Expression” on one of our many affordable accessories.  
 Double Frame Magnetic Memo Board
It’s a crazy time of year, so keep all of your pre-Thanksgiving reminders on this stylish Frameworks Double Frame (#300217) memo board.  Put a piece of fall colored 12" x 12" scrapbook paper over our Frameworks Frame Square Galvanized Steel Insert (#300199), add a 10" Traditional Turkey embellishment (#4532410) in Soft Copper(#9092), and applied the “Gather here” Customer Celebration expression to the included acrylic rectangle insert.  Just add handmade fall leaf magnets for that special finishing touch.

One or both of these beautiful centerpieces is sure to fit your decorating style.  Our round chargers create two very unique looks.  On the round Glass Charger (#300159), add an 8" Cornucopia embellishment (#4532508) in Soft Copper (#9092), while on the Scalloped Charger (#300112)add a Chocolate Bloom (#300103).  Below the “Gather Here” expression  is used to finish the look. Don’t forget to add Mistick (#300115) to your order to ensure all of your installations on nonporous surfaces (like our chargers) are a success.
 Frameworks Rectangle Frame
Invite your friends and family to gather in any room with this simple yet elegant frame. Our Rectangle Frameworks Frame in Chocolate (#300222) is used to display the free Customer Celebration expression.   Add Vinyl Effects in Shimmer (#300226) to add a little extra glimmer and dimensions to the leaves and acorns. And since the rectangle Frameworks Frame comes with 4 acrylic inserts  this project creates the perfect opportunity for you to purchase three more Simply Words expressions (found on pages 130 –133 of the 2010–2011 Idea Catalog).  Click here to "flip" the pages of our current catalog.  Don’t forget, your only chance to get this exclusive seasonal Customer Celebration Expression is Friday, Oct. 15, 2010.  E-mail or call me today!  Or, visit my website and order directly!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sampler Suggestions

There are so many Projects you can create with this exclusive FREE Sampler expression, and the Soft Gold (#9091) color is so versatile and coordinates with almost any home decor.  Did I mention it is FREE and EXCLUSIVE?
Our new black Frameworks Photo Frame (#300236) is such a great surface for vinyl.   The miniature Dandelion Dance included in the Free Sampler expression in combination with the Simply Words expression Breathe (#16552) (also in Soft Gold) to create a beautiful and serene frame that reminds us that we all need to take a few minutes to just “Breathe”. 
Create an inexpensive holiday coaster set using our Set of Four Glass Coasters(#300131) and the snowflakes from the Free Sampler. Apply the snowflakes to the backside  of the coasters to ensure they stay beautiful use after use. 

Bring a little bit of Paris into your home or office with this simple yet very elegant black Punched Metal Tile (#300214), featuring the 9” Eiffel Tower from the Free Sampler. Add raw magnets from your local craft store to the back of our Mini Blooms (#300192) and you have a perfect memo board!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and you can use the leaves from the Free Sampler to create a simple yet stunning centerpiece or a memorable gift for the host or hostess of your Thanksgiving meal. To complete this project, apply the smallest size of the Give Thanks expression (#14279) in Hot Cocoa (#9084)to our Clear Acrylic Block (#300130), added a row of the gold leaves above and below the expression, and tied it up pretty with the chocolate ribbon from our Trimmings Ribbon (#300105).

Don’t forget this fabulous Sampler will be added to all customer orders (web and open-house) submitted Monday, October 4. E-mail or call me today and make sure you don't miss out!