Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—April

How can you be anything but “happy” when you see this bright-colored frame and whimsical Simply Words expression?

• “Be happy” expression 15671: Matte Black (9070)
• White Frameworks™ Frame—Rectangle (300198)
• Dress-ups™ Vinyl Effects (300155)
• Yellow spray paint
• Black polka dot ribbon
• Sunflower buttons
• Yellow puffy paint

1. Spray paint the frame. Let dry.
2. Apply the vinyl expression to the acrylic insert. Decorate the bee with Vinyl Effects and yellow puffy paint.
3. Glue the black ribbon onto the frame. Tie the white ribbon (included with the frame) through the holes for hanging.
4. Cut the bails off the back of the buttons, and glue the buttons to the ribbon.
Mother’s Day is May 9. What mother wouldn’t be touched and honored to receive such a beautiful sentiment as a gift.

• “First my mother forever my friend” Two-Part Expression 15668: part 1, Caribbean Blue (9007); part 2, Antique Bronze (9093)
• Foundations™ Square Charger (300139)
• Silver spray paint (for plastic surfaces)
• Silver spray webbing
• Dress-ups™ Gems (300104)

1. Spray the charger with silver spray paint. Let dry.
2. Spray the charger with spray webbing. Let dry.
3. Place the expression on the charger. Embellish with gems.

Time spent with family are moments to treasure. This expression is a daily reminder of the great blessings we will reap when we take the time to create a new family memory each day.

• “Family plant smiles, grow giggles, harvest love” expression 15669: Caribbean Blue (9007)
• Foundations™ Scalloped Charger (300112)
• Dress-ups™ Vinyl Effects (300155)
• Copper puffy paint
• 8 decorative brads
• Brown and teal ribbon
• Glue dots

1. Place the expression on the charger.
2. Add Vinyl Effects to the “family” expression and the hearts. Let dry completely.
3. Add puffy paint around the scalloped edge. Let dry completely.
4. Cut the prongs off the back of four of the brads. Adhere them to the charger with glue dots.
5. Place the remainder of the brads through the ribbons, and adhere them to the charger with glue dots.

Looking for an easy way to leave notes and reminders for every member of your family? Use this monthly customer incentive, in combination with the MyDesign Suite Text & Graphics tool, to create a fun and decorative message board everyone is sure to use and love.

• “Family” expression (15672): Mocha Brown (9081)
• “Miller” MyDesign Suite Expression (Garamond 2.5”): Mocha Brown (9081)
• “Dad,” “Mom,” “Kate,” “Jack” MyDesign Suite Expressions (Garamond 1”): Hot Cocoa (9084)
• Foundations™ MDF Board—Pre-drilled (300132)
• Trimmings™ Bulldog Clips (300134)
• Toolbox™ Paint—Robins Egg (300152) and Hot Cocoa (300147)
• Toolbox Sponge Brushes (300156)
• Brown, patterned scrapbook paper
• 6 blue and 6 brown buttons
• Brown embroidery thread

1. Paint the board with Robin’s Egg. Let dry.
2. Paint only the edges with Hot Cocoa. Let dry.
3. Place the vinyl expression on the panel.
4. Cut out 4 brown paper panels (3 1/4” x 2 3/4”), then cut out 4 patterned paper panels (3” x 2 1/2”).
5. Glue the patterned panels onto the brown panels, then glue the panels evenly over the pre-drilled holes on the board.
6. Add the MyDesign Suite names.
7. Install the bulldog clips.
8. Tie the embroidery thread onto the blue buttons. Glue the blue buttons on top of the brown buttons, then glue the buttons to the bulldog clips and the top corners of the board.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Let’s Talk Chalk

Let’s talk Chalk Wall for a minute, shall we? The Chalk Wall Rectangle Panel is consistently one of our top sellers in the Chalk Wall category. You simply pull whatever into the MyDesign Suite and create your own little Chalk Wall projects. So try customizing one yourself today!

A shopping list…

a scoreboard…

…and a chore chart

All this talk of Chalk Wall got me thinking, “What else are people doing with this product?” Please post a comment and share with everyone what you have created with the Rectangle Panel. Or if you have a unique idea for any of the other Chalk Wall products, feel free to post those as well!

Make It Your Own!

Sometimes customizing a UL Exclusive™ Expression gives it just the right touch for your space.

Here is a simple love expression that is beautifully enhanced by adding the personalization element.

What teenage athlete isn’t proud to display their name and number wherever they can? This awesome expression was just made even more awesome in your football player’s eyes!

Here we have the ultra-popular Dandelion Dance expression, combined with a beautiful saying created in the MyDesign Suite. (Keep in mind that this is what this design would look like after you put it on the wall; not what it looks like in MyDesign Suite. Dandelion Dance is a theme pack, so you’ll place the seedlings in whatever pattern you want when you actually apply it).

Now this is just plain fun. You can easily pull this expression into the MyDesign Suite, add a custom expression with your child’s name, match the colors of his room…and voila! So cute!

And then a little something for yourself. This just makes you want to step inside Karen’s craft room, doesn’t it?

The sky is truly the limit with MyDesign Suite. Be as creative as you want to be, and don’t be afraid to try new and even weird or funky things. You might be surprised at what MyDesign Suite can help you create!