Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Inspirations Incentive—Find Your Inspiration!

NOW through March 15 at 11:59 pm (midnight) MT, we’ve got a little something inspiring for everyone!

Your choice of a FREE EXPRESSION from our Inspiring line of decorative home décor with every $50 purchase.

During the promotion period, you can find their inspiration from 12 of our all-time favorite designs. Featuring top sellers from our Religious, Family, and Uplifting categories, there is sure to be  a message with personal meaning; all in addition to our regular monthly customer incentives!

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—March

“Live what you love,” what a great, inspiring message that many of us need reminding of on a daily basis. This project is a combination of color, patterns, fabric, ribbons, and thinking outside of the box. For example, turn around the MDF board so the beveled edges are on the backside. Paint a layer of vinyl effects over the fabric so the vinyl expression will stick.         
·          “Live what you love” Two-Part expression (18741): part 1, Chocolate Brown, (9080); part 2, Whipped Crème (9005)
·         MDF Board—Square (300109)
·         Mini Blooms—White (300191)
·         Vinyl Effects—Shimmer (300226)
·         Simple Easel (300201)
·         Mod podge
·         16” square of fabric
·         14” ribbon—yellow, pink
·         Hot glue

Green, black, & white is a stylish color combo that is popping up everywhere. It’s also just what was needed for a chic color palette for this elegant expression. Using only a few simple supplies,  create a fashionable welcome sign that is suitable for a myriad of décor styles.
·          “Welcome” expression (18740): Whipped Crème (9005) or Bright White (9010)
·         Vintage Embossed Metal Board—Black (300220)
·         12” x 12” Flocked decorative paper
·         Double-sided tape

Tips & Tricks: Flocked Paper
When working with flocked paper, use paper that is only partially flocked and has plenty of space for the expression to adhere to. Be sure to test a small area with a piece of the transfer tape or clear tape to make sure it won’t pull off the all the flocking. Work slowly when applying the expression and use your transfer tool to help you pull the expression away from the transfer tape if needed.