Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—September

It’s ok to cut apart the expression.  This expression works perfectly on UL’s new Photo Frame.   All you need to do is get over the fear of taking a pair of scissors to the expression.  All that’s missing is a fantastic photo to complete the piece.  
 This display is a real treat and illustrates the playfulness of Halloween. The multi-colored embellishments were created by combining two embellishments into one. The message board is great for leaving messages for your little ghosts and goblins—or to remind yourself to buy a treat or  two. 
I love Halloween decorations.  At first glance the simplicity of the black and white combo is quite striking and stands on its own.  To add texturizing and “shimmering” apply the our new Shimmer Vinyl Effects in a striped pattern across the skull. Let it completely dry, then go back over and fill in the gaps. You can also build upon the already dried vinyl effects to add more depth to certain areas.

Create an inviting sign that reflects the hospitality of the season using the Punched Metal Tile in the new Cocoa color. The warm tones of Cocoa, Pumpkin Spice, and Terra Cotta work together wonderfully to complement the sentiment “make yourself at home”.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Personalize Your Space

Create a homework station in your kids’ rooms. Our new Retro Tiles on page 98 in the Idea Catalog has awesome sets to choose from to help their study areas feel more inviting and personal. Choose the Classic Sports (#18385) as shown here or Groovy (#18383)and add Dry Erase Tiles (#80136) as shown here or Chalk Wall Square Tiles (#80136). Order an extra set of the Square Tiles and add one to the top of the study table for working out math problems, practicing handwriting, or just doodling.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make a Grande Impact!

Shoes… can’t have enough of them! We have amazing designers at Uppercase Living and this was just one of the boutiques that came to life in 3D. The great thing about our Grande Format expressions (besides how beautiful the designs are) is that they work well in large area.

Combining the Grande Chandelier and an Outside the Home expression (or any one of our larger-sized expressions) works wonders in a large space… just remember that proportion and color are the keys to successful d├ęcor. When choosing expressions for a space, be sure to choose something to be the focal point. In this case, “Treat Yourself, Because You’re Worth It” in Berry Red & Crimson Red works perfectly because it stands out against the taupe wall. To add to the chic feel, a single Grande Chandelier and its matching smaller-sized Vintage Chandelier (two were used here) create a tone-on-tone effect to allow the expression to be the focal point. Our new baroque clock complements the look.

It’s always better to use larger expressions since smaller ones can get “lost” in larger spaces. Our Grande Format expressions are just perfect for that visual impact.