Monday, June 6, 2011

Fresh Ideas for Hostess and Customer Monthly Incentives—June

Product Color Shown: Slate Grey

Materials needed:
·         MDF board—Pre-drilled
·         Metal Hooks
·         White or cream paint
·         Green paint

       Paint pre-drilled MDF board with white or cream paint; 
let dry
      Paint metal hooks in green, or any fun accent color; 
let dry
Secure metal hooks to pre-drilled board

Product Colors Shown:
Part 1: Whipped Cream; Part 2: Honey Wheat
Materials needed:
·         12" x 12" sewing hoop (purchased at Michael’s)
·         Fabric with a subtle pattern
·         Vinyl effects
·         Medium size paint brush or sponge brush

Assemble your fabric inside the sewing hoop and 
pull tight around the edges.
In a small container, mix 2 parts water with 1 part Vinyl Effects.
Brush the surface area of the fabric with the mixture and let dry overnight. 
This will create a glossed surface for your expression to adhere to.
You may need to pull the fabric tight again before applying your expression.
Finish by cutting the excess fabric to the edge of the sewing hoop.
Product Color Shown:
Whipped Cream

Materials needed:
Bold watering can (purchased from the Home Depot)