Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Ideas for our FREE Product Day!

Take our black 16" x 16" Frameworks Photo Frame (#300236) and spray paint it white (this will likely take several coats).  Then cut the expression between the “g” in spring and the “t” in time and apply “spring” to the top of the frame and “time” to the right side of the frame as shown.  To complete the frame, add your favorite springtime photo and display it on our Trimmings Simple Easel (#300201).

No one enjoys spring cleaning, but this cute board makes your to-do list sweet and stylish.  Start with the Foundations pre-drilled MDF Board (#300132), and paint it with our Toolbox Paint in Lemon Chiffon (#300153). It will take two to three coats to get good coverage in this color, and it is recommended that you prime the board in white first to get the best results. Then add our Trimmings Bulldog Clips (#300134—for the set of 4),then, tie black and white gingham checked ribbon around each one.  Once the board is dry and cured, add the expression. 

Create a charming piece of Shabby Chic wall décor.  Cut the Free Springtime expression in half and off-set it on our Foundations Vintage Embossed Metal Charger (#300163). Then enhanced it with 3 different sizes of butterfly embellishments (2” #4411402, 4” # 4526004, 5” #4526005) in Spring Hyacinth (#9069 and a pink Mini Bloom (#300192). To display the project, we suggest hanging it from our Daisy Medallion (#300224) with a coordinating ribbon from your local craft store.  Take advantage of our current Buy 2 Get 1 Free when creating this project!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh Ideas for Customer Monthly Incentives—January

Hang up your hat and scarf in style with this charming coat rack. Sweeten up the “Home” expression by adding heart embellishments and Shimmer Vinyl Effects for the perfect finishing touch.   Shown in Wild Raspberry (9066)
·          “Home” expression (17616)
·      Two “Heart (outline)” embellishments, one mirrored (4439603)
·      Two “Heart” embellishments, one mirrored (4412002)
·      Vinyl Effects—Shimmer (300226) 
·      MDF Board—Pre-drilled (300132)
·      Toolbox  Paint—Whipped Crème (300144)
  Vintage Knobs (300136)