Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Borders

I just love the border concept. You can make a border fit any space because you can just order enough pieces to fit. Below are a few border ideas.

I love how this border adds a hint of elegance to this dining room, giving it just the right finishing touch.

This is already a beautiful bedroom, but adding the border just ties the room together and enhances the rest of the d├ęcor.

Who says the Loopy Line needs to be in a bedroom! I think it brings a fun, playful feeling to this simple bathroom.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grand Ideas for your spaces

Looking for bold designs that really make a statement? Then you'll love our new Grande Format expressions! There is such a demand for these larger-than-life designs, As quoted by Lamar Lisman, CEO of Lisman Studio and interior design expert, "What I love about Grande Format designs is that they make a statement. When we look at American homes today, we have much taller walls and broader spaces, and we need designs to fill them up."

Because of the large scale of these designs, you may think that you need a large space in order to apply Grande Format. Not so, says Lamar. "Use Grande Format anywhere that isn't typical, because these aren't typical designs," Lamar suggests. "And don't worry about framing a space with your Grande Format design. Instead, wrap it around a corner or a wall. Most of all, don't be afraid to bring in some color! Contrast your design with your wall color and keep it very bright and playful."
Looking for ideas? For every design....

* Place your design in an entryway, on a two-story wall, or over a headboard or sofa
* Use Grande Format to fill a huge wall along a staircase
* Place it on a dining room wall, then hang art on top so the expression peeks out
* Wrap it around a corner or wall
* Run several sets of one design horizontally along a surface, or group them together.

They are so fun and are almost like wallpaper. You can repeat the motifs and combine them. In design people tend to err on smaller rather than larger sizes, but with Grande Format, you can't make a mistake! You can modify each design, remove part of it to fit your space, and if you tire of the design, you aren't stuck with it like you would be with wallpaper.

This one would be adorable in a child or teen bedroom. One idea is to run it on a wall behind a child's bunk bed, so that a portion of the design peeks between and above the beds.

Use it as a focal point on any large surface.

This mum feels very restful and relaxing. Place it in a bathroom or even off a bedroom. I could also see a few of these above a headboard or in a sitting room. Place them almost randomly. They need to feel very natural when they are up on the wall. The design is so free that the look needs to be that way, too.

Don't be afraid to cut this one down the middle and apply one half above a doorway or archway.

Apply the designs in this theme pack individually throughout your home. They'd look great above a doorway or on all four sides of a mirror. You might also use them to frame a doorway or other element.

Don't be afraid to try something new or unusual. These bold designs are meant to inspire your and bring your personality to life. Enjoy a chance to think outside the box!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love our 2010 Spring/Summer Idea Catalog?

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